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Small runs, large distribution. Digital printing is especially interesting when there are small runs and/or rapid changes in the order. Think of posters, brochures or advertising. Digital printing offers flexibility and many possibilities. Letters or cards can be quickly adapted and can be adapted individually, for example. In addition, the start-up costs for digital printing are lower than for offset printing. This makes digital printing attractive with just one print. In addition, the quality of digital printing is getting closer and closer to offset printing. Higher resolutions are now possible, so that the result looks much sharper. Digital printing can finally rightly be called the successor to offset printing.

The possibilities are endless:

  • Black/white or full-color
  • Small edition
  • Various formats
  • Customizable
  • Fast delivery
  • You can think of business cards, pre-printed stationery, flyers, brochures, posters and much more!
  • Signboards
  • Thanks to advertising columns and signboards that you can also place outside, The Webdesign offers the ultimate recognition for your company. Visible, recognizable and findable.
  • Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities and your wishes. Even if the product you are looking for is not listed here, we can discuss the options.