THE WEBDESIGN knows the importance of having a great website that appeals to your customers and reflects your business philosophy. That is why we are able to design websites incorporating all of that and more to help you attract more business.
Our technical expertise ensures, that you get what you have thought of, with a touch of class. Also, the design team puts the user experience first. Having a great user interface (UI) will appeal to the eye and a great user experience (UX) will help you grow your business.
That is why we strive to keep the website as user friendly as possible, with a clear navigation structure and a clear appearance. Web design is more than just a combination of right fonts, colors, lines, shapes, textures, imagery and navigation.

THE WEBDESIGN works directly with you and turns your ideas into solutions.
We make your website stand out with a striking design and strong development. We hold sound expertise in all techniques and technologies of web development which makes us able to create a clean website that is search-engine friendly and exhibits advanced features in terms of layout, look and feel.

Making sure that our services are accessible to all, however big or small their companies, is very important to us. That is the reason why we keep our services affordable by tailoring them to your requirements and budget.
Depending on all of that a website at THE WEBDESIGN can cost from € 399 and € 1299.
We can provide a complete and professional designed website, including easy-to-use CMS WordPress and managed hosting. We make sure that the website is fully optimized for the major search engines, so that your website is always reachable!

A website At THE WEBDESIG can include-

  • Unlimited pages
  • Detailed website statistics
  • Professional CMS “WordPress”
  • search engine optimized
  • Chat option
  • Google Maps
  • Professional design in your own style
  • Suitable for smartphones, tablets and desktops!
  • contact Forms
  • newsletter module
  • Easy and comprehensive CMS
  • Course and manual
  • Linking with Facebook
  • Extensive menus
  • posting youtube videos


Do you already have a website and want to update the site? We also provide our customers with the service of redesigning their existing website giving it a new look.
Renewing a website does not only entail modernising the design in terms of looks. Renewing a website is as much about optimising it so that it functions well on the latest web browsers and is loaded quickly. Keeping a more classical look is of course always possible.
With the highly competetive digital marketplace it is more important than ever to have a fast and good functioning website available for your visitors and customers.

we can help you with-
Content management system (WordPress)
Modernising the design
In your own style
Suitable for mobile phones and tablet

Your website is the business card of you or your company. THE WEBDESIGN ensures your website to be modernized!
For example, a content management system where you can change content and images? Or your website integrated with social media such as Facebook and Twitter? Or a website that also looks good on a mobile phone or tablet?
Websites today are much more than plain pages with text and images.

Website Renewal from another CMS?
It is also possible to transfer your website from another existing content
management system. We can transfer the content from systems like
Joomla, GX, ModX and every other conceivable CMS. So you don’t have to
worry. If you want to change the texts or images, it is also possible.
So you can be with a completely redesigned website again.

Our experience
We have experience with transferring various websites from legacy
systems to a new installation of WordPress. Sometimes there are
customers who want to see a new design of the website, or want to
optimize the site for mobile phones. We can work on all these
proposals and build an extensive portfolio.

Please do contact us so we can discuss together what the requirements for
your new website are. You can continue to use your existing domain
name and hosting. If you do not want, we’ll discuss what works better
for you and try to find a better solution. Within two weeks,
your new website will be online. You’re coming to us with goals,
dreams, and direction – we’re committed to helping you leave
satisfied, excited, and on a path to Internet success.
Let us make your new website!


We provide website maintenance and website support services which you can use for simple website updates such as changing text or images on a web page, or adding complete new pages or new functionality to your website. We make changes according to your business needs and requirements. We can also help you in maintaining your website by updating the photo galleries, calculators and more. Our competitive website maintenance services are affordable and effective.

The WEBBDESIGN maintenance kit includes:

  • Making frequent backups;
  • Monthly updated plugins;
  • Update templates and WordPress;
  • Core Clean spam prevention;
  • cleaning security logs;
  • Monthly monitoring of security;
  • Upgrading the WordPress software;
  • Control of 404 errors and “dead”
  • links; Control of the average speed;
  • If your website has been hacked, we repair it at our own expense. You don’t pay extra for this service.
  • +Bonus: Add Small adjustments to your website such as new text, pictures or page, new Banner and assistance adding products.
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