SEO/Online Marketing

SEO / Online Marketing

You have to create a perfect website, but now what …? You want to the whole know the whole world that your website is online. Of course you can spread the word to your friends and family, but to prefer that the Netherland or the whole world
is aware about your website. In other words, you want your website should score higher rank in Google! It is important to understand that Google fundamental goal is to deliver the most valuable and relevant content for each search query.

Search engine optimization is a continuous process which manipulates your website in such a way , that your website ranks higher in Google. By taking into account (note: some jargon) title tags, keywords, meta descriptions, headings.
The goal is to select keywords and heading that have high traffic volume, strong commercial intent and at the same time are competitively reachable.

Our experts will optimize content on your site such that it not only reads well for customers, but it also makes your website highly relevant to search engines

It is also extremely important that you know what your audience is looking for and how often searched on your main keywords.

With the above in mind, we go through your entire website from your home page to other pages. THE WEBDESIGN ensures that your website has a strong foundation to rank higher in Google.

THE WEBDESIGN will analyze and optimize the code on your website to increase the chances, your website will rank prominently.Through a link with Google Analytics, we analyze the process by which we will see an increase in the number of visitors to your website. We assure you will take advantage of it!

You will also receive some valuable tips so that you can set up quality articles and pages, can track your visitor behavior and most importantly, how to capitalize on this.

Because search engine optimization is a continuous process, which is different for every customer to fill in, if you want know more about SEO then contact THE WEBDESIGN by phone 0618873864, mail or query form. We look forward to work with you, to ensure your website score higher ranking!


When people search for your service or product on Google, different results are displayed. Above which results are always ads. This is called Google AdWords ads. You pay Google per click (with a pre-set budget) on these ads. We set the campaign for you so that the result is optimal and you do not make unnecessary cost for clicks that you still did not want to have.

With Google AdWords you can see very clearly what you pay (the number of clicks x the cost per click) and yielding it (eg. number of website visitors or the number of new registrations / sales). This makes it possible to speak of a new marketing channel for your website! If it is profitable,you go through. And if not, you can stop at any moment!

With us you are not attached to a long term contract. We just work for
3 months, because this is the period that is required for the optimization of a campaign. After these three months you can stop anytime.

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