At the introductory meeting , we discuss all the requirements for your Website. Further discussions can be done via mail, phone or in person. We ask you to fill in a questionnaire which can have questions like: What features would you like to have? Think to get a photo album, contact forms, newsletters, and so on.

You can also refer the websites that appeal to you (or not) to get the clearest possible image of the web design you have in mind. Step by step we walk along all the points that are important in the design of a website and the target for the color palette and style. At THE WEB DESIGN, we believe that high-end design implies high-end service. The sleekest graphics and most killer apps are meaningless unless the entire process meets your specifications, exceeds your expectations and leaves you feeling satisfied.

Honesty and transparency
At THE WEBDESIGN, we firmly believe in these principles. We guarantee you a fair quote, no hidden charges, and an open design process that mirrors the great respect we have for you, our clients.

Personalized treatment
Throughout the duration of your project, THE WEBDESIGN assigns you a personal contact. You’ll be given the direct lines and cell phone numbers for rapid, convenient access. Ideas come at unexpected times, and our designers will be ready when they do. You’re coming to us with goals, dreams, and direction – we’re committed to helping you leave satisfied, excited, and on a path to Internet success.

Design and approval
We pride ourselves in our design; every single one of our designs is custom made, and we will never use a web design template from any other designs. The web design portion is the graphical part of the website development of your site. Our Graphic artists and designers work together to come up with ideas and different concepts based on the customer’s specific requirements and our own marketing research is here to guarantee the success of our client’s website. together with your corporate identity, logo and any text and imagesinto a first draft. Based on this information we design a template. After the design is approved, we move on to the next step in our web design process. However, modifications are still possible. If you are still not satisfied with these ideas, we refine the design
until you are satisfied.

THE WEB DESIGN builds ideas based on your website design, the required software is installed and ensures that it is fully active and delivered to you. The website is online at that time, but is not visible to others. In this way, the texts and other content that should appear on your site will be added to your liking and adjusted where necessary. We understand that managing a website can be very scary. THE WEBDESIGN guides you through placing your content and test in this phase also extended all the features of your new site, so you can launch a fully tested and filled website.

Finishing Touch
Once we have completed the final check, you will receive an email in which we inform you that your website is ready for launch. On your show we put your brand new website online and you can get started right away!

THE WEB DESIGN will be available to you even after the launch and will alert you for possible improvements. We will later evaluate the process and the remaining questions. At all times we will be available for all your technical as well as substantive questions. We will be at your service even after going live so that we can help you. Once your website is put online, you will receive your username and password for the management system. It allows you to log into your website from any PC or tablet and change the content. Also, we’ll send
you an easy guide and you will have an online digital manual in your CMS. Getting there is difficult , You can ask us for free advice or assistance via chat, email and phone or team viewer. We look forward to working with you. our professional web designers, graphic artists and web developers are here waiting for your call.

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