Online Order Management Solutions

In this day and age, with the advent of the digital revolution, customer expectations have shifted to new heights and they are increasingly driving the buying path, therefore merchants must adapt rapidly to guarantee they are providing a consistent customer experience while remaining cost-effective. An order management system can help with this by delivering crucial benefits that link a company with changing client expectations and current market demands.

Having an online management system by your side can be favorable for your business if you are facing challenges with your daily orders, or maybe keeping a track of the orders that have to be delivered on a timely basis. It is beneficial when you can balance your deliveries, estimate sales, and conveniently take orders if you can manage your complete process across several sales channels and verify inventory availability in real time.

Using an order management platform, such as the one from The WebDesign, is essential for sustained growth and profitability, whether you are a small business or a massive, multibillion-dollar corporation.

THE WEBDESIGN presents an online ordering system that allows you to place orders online. With our feasible online order management systems, the order forms can be printed automatically as well. Along with this, the zip code, order time, per-zip-code delivery prices, discounts, etc are all established accordingly.

A complete and efficient system is provided by us when you take services from us. You are not required to do anything, simply transfer the order to the kitchen. You are not required to pay a monthly amount or a percentage for the rest of your life. Everything is taken care of by us. Customers can place orders on your website using our Online Ordering System. The order will be emailed to you via email and automatically printed.

What are the advantages of our online order management solution?

  • There are no third-party commissions and this ensures that the entire order value is yours.
  • We will arrange your iDeal account.
  • Payment summaries that are easy to understand.
  • Order fulfillment is automated, and the order form is printed automatically.
  • It is possible to personalize postal codes, order times, delivery costs per postcode area, and discounts.
  • When you specify that you do not wish to accept orders, the ordering system is turned off. So you are absolutely free to go on a vacation.
  • It is simple to set up promotions and deals.
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